Agile Development

Software Architecture in the Agile Life Cycle
Article of the architecture journal

Agile Modelling
Practice-based methodology for effective modeling and documentation

Agile Data
Defines a collection of strategies to work on data aspects

Agile Software Development
Articles by Martin Fowler about agility

Agile Manifesto
Manifesto for Agile Software Development

Scrum Alliance
Scrum Master and Product Owner Certification

Lean software development


Clean Architecture
Good post how a clean architecture should look like

The Enterprise Architect
Articles about model driven design

Microsoft on architecture
MSDN Architecture Center

Application Architecture Guide
Design-level guidance for the architecture and design

The pragmatic architect
Architecture Blog

A Trace in the Sand
All about architecture by Ruth Malan

Framework for developing enterprise architectures

Definition of architecture
Community definitions of architecture

Beispiele für Qualitätsanforderungen an Software

Architecture Journal
Modelling and Processing Guides

Developing Multi-tenant Applications for the Cloud
Online Book available for download with code examples

Resources for Software and Systems Architects

Great resource for enterprise applicatipon development

patterns & practices
Microsoft proven practices


Design Patterns
Huge source of patterns and pattern languages

Object Architects
Articles about patterns, modelling and architecture

Persistence Patterns
Data access patterns described

EAA Patterns
Patterns of enterprise architecture

Object Mentor
Articles about Design, Patterns and much more

Repository and Unit of Work patterns with EF
Using Repository and Unit of Work patterns with Entity Framework 4.0

Dependency Injection
Great article by Griffin Caprio

EAI Patterns
Patterns of enterprise integration

Parallel Programming with Microsoft .NET
Design Patterns for Decomposition and Coordination on Multicore Architectures


Three Rules for Effective Exception Handling

Software Bugs
Collection of historic bugs

Antipatterns of Exception Handling

Best Practices
Best Practices for Exception Handling

.NET Best Practices
Best practices for handling and creating exceptions


InfoQ DDD quickly
Introduction to domain driven design

DDD community
Resources for modelling with Domain Driven Design

Keeping Architecture relevant using DDD
Manage Complexity and Enable Change

Domain Driven Design and Development In Practice
InfoQ Article about DDD in practice

Enterprise Library
A collection of reusable application blocks available online and as download

Unity Container
DI container with support for instance and type interception. Online Book available for download as well.

Modeling in an Agile Context
Using Domain-Driven Design and Emergent Architecture to Manage Complexity and Enable Change

Object Management Group

UML Quick Reference
Allen Holub's UML Quick Reference


Java Persistence API
Basic Java Persistence API Best Practices

CQRS Introduction
CQRS Introduction by M. Fowler

CQRS Codeproject
Codeproject Introduction-to-CQRS

CAP Theorem
CAP Twelve Years Later: How the "Rules" Have Changed

NoSQL Overview
Visual Guide to NoSQL Systems


Software Security Community
Open software security community

Security Development Lifecycle
Microsoft's Security Development Lifecycle

Best Practices PDF
Ten best practices for secure software development

Guide to Cryptography
Considerations of cryptography

Authentication Cheat Sheet
Considerations for authentication processes

A Guide to Claims-Based Identity and Access Control
Available with code examples online and as download


Classic Testing Mistakes
Collection of typically testing mistakes

TDD with entity framework
A walkthrough how to develop test driven with EF

Mocks and Stubs
Mocks Aren't Stubs

TDD Introduction
Introduction to Test Driven Development

Testability and Entity Framework 4.0
Great for understanding the whole thing. How to write testable code with the ADO.NET Entity Framework.

Visual Studio ALM Quick Reference Guide
Great guides about TFS, best practices and more

Version Control Guide
Branching and Merging Guide


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

CPS - Creativity
Creative problem solving

Two-factor theory

Desires Of Team Members
Self-determination theory

Very good Wikipedia article

Systems Thinking
Understanding how things influence one another within a whole

System Dynamics
Understanding the behaviour of complex systems over time

Systems Theory
Interdisciplinary study of systems

PMBOK® Guide and Standards
Project Management Institute

Prince2 Method
Projects in Controlled Environments

Capability Maturity Model Integration

Declaration of Interdependence