The 20 Best Growth Hacking Blogs to Follow Right Now

Jan 30 2:25:22 by

Growth has come a long way since it was first coined. Here are the best active growth hacking blogs broken by individual influencers, SaaS companies, and more.

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Mobile Interface Design Myths You Can Do Without

Feb 6 6:02:33 by

There’s a lot of hype surrounding mobile-first index. This is no surprise given that the global community is on the fast track toward mobile dependence for practically everything. Now, the responsibility lies in the designers and developers’ capability to tap into this resource and make it as profitable as possible. However, standing in the way are common myths surrounding mobile interface design. Yes, it is true there are guidelines that need to be followed when designing a mobile interface, but don’t forget that guidelines are there to “guide,” not dictate the rules of engagement of the design approach and development.

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Why You Should Make Room in Your Company's Budget for More Senior Developers

Feb 6 19:56:15 by home

Senior developers bring a stronger problem-solving set to the table.

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3 common pitfalls of microservices integration—and how to avoid them

Feb 14 11:00:00 by

Bernd Ruecker is the co-founder and developer advocate of Camunda. Microservices are all the rage. They have an interesting value proposition, which is getting software to market fast while developing with multiple software development teams. So, microservices are about scaling your development force while maintaining high agility and a rapid development pace.In a nutshell, you decompose a system into microservices. Decomposition is nothing new, but with microservices you give the teams developing services as much autonomy as possible.To read this article in full, please click here

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Visual Design vs. Usability

Feb 23 7:02:32 by

You must be hearing words like UX/UI/VD, and it is quite fascinating that "Visual Design & Usability" are hot topics in Tinsel Town these days. Usability is a study of the interactive user experience associated with a user interface, such as websites, software and mobile applications. It is about usefulness, competence and the contentment of the user. Usability helps users execute their desired tasks proficiently and successfully.

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Fast By Default: Modern Loading Best Practices

Apr 17 10:42:40 by

Optimizing sites to load instantly on mobile is far from trivial. Costly JavaScript can take seconds to process, we often aren’t sensitive to users data-plans and browsers don’t know what UX-critical resources should load first. Thankfully there’s a lot we can do to give our users a MUCH better loading experience. Watch Addy Osmani (and friends) illuminate new loading best practices for diagnosing and making real world sites load instantly today.

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The Ultimate Growth Toolbox: 60 Growth Hacking Tools for Every Area of Your Product

Jan 30 2:25:22 by

An ultimate guide to growth hacking tools for the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to engagement to retention and referral.

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3 Tips to Successfully Expand Your Business into the US

Feb 7 14:38:35 by home

Deb Noller, CEO and Co-Founder of Switch Automation, explains how to grow your business from an idea into a global enterprise.

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How to Easily Write Your First Serverless Application

Feb 14 13:01:03 by

The serverless paradigm is currently one of the trending topics in tech news. I strongly believe it will be the future of application development, including modern systems and applications such as cloud, mobile, and IoT, as well as the disruption of traditional business and enterprise applications. However, the learning curve around the environments of cloud platform providers and configuration complexity have become main bottlenecks for the movement towards the serverless paradigm.

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Hologroup’s MR Guide makes Microsoft’s HoloLens your new tour guide

Feb 21 23:53:33 by TheNextWeb

Russian startup Hologroup recently released MR Guide for HoloLens developers. The software gives anyone the ability to make a holographic tour for Microsoft’s mixed-reality headset, with no programming necessary. Currently the HoloLens hardware is available to the public only in a costly developer’s edition, but it’s already seeing useful software. MR Guide gives early adopters the tools to create experiences directly in the HoloLens’ native interface, without the need for any additional software. According to Holograph CEO Alex Yakubov: With the help of MR Guide, creating a holographic tour is no more difficult than making a PowerPoint presentation. Now, museums, showrooms,… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Hololens,Microsoft

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