5 Essential Steps on Your Road to Digital Transformation

Sep 10 17:23:20 by www.cmswire.com

Five best practices to help organization's approach their digital transformation projects with greater confidence and ensure successful outcomes.

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Why developers hate low-code

Sep 16 10:00:00 by www.infoworld.com

The suits love the idea of “low code” tools. To them, less code means less work and less work means speedier projects, faster satisfaction, leaner budgets, and, ultimately, a fuller bowl of gravy for doling out big bonuses to those same suits. Who doesn’t like any of these things?To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)

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How to choose the right UI pattern for your next product update

Sep 16 16:28:23 by www.appcues.com

A great product update announcement can deepen user engagement, increase feature adoption, and improve retention rates. But the wrong UI pattern can turn a useful product update into an annoyance—this simple guide will help you get it right.

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Look to low-code to balance quality and speed

Sep 25 10:00:00 by www.infoworld.com

There has never been more pressure on developers. Today’s always-on, 24x7 marketplace requires an agile business that is able to spin up new features and applications virtually overnight to meet rising demand. The development team is simply expected to increase development velocity and push code out the door as fast as they can. At the same time, rising customer expectations are creating additional pressure to produce exceptional user experiences that can be delivered to users at the right time on the right device.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)

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Four Key Elements to Successful Digital Transformation

Sep 16 18:53:35 by blog.udacity.com

Start Learning It’s the word that we hear all the time in business. Change. The world is always changing. So companies need to change with it, or else. Andrew Grove, […]

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Unqork raises $80 million for enterprise app development without code

Oct 3 13:00:53 by venturebeat.com

Unqork, a startup developing tools for low- and no-code enterprise app development, has raised $80 million more in venture capital.Read More

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Making Use of the Crowd – Social Proof and the User Experience

Sep 23 17:00:00 by www.interaction-design.org

Social proof (sometimes referred to as informational social influence) is a psychological concept. It refers to the tendency of human beings to follow the actions of others when making decisions and placing weight on those actions to assume “the correct decision”. It’s a concept that can be used in product design for the Internet and mobile web to help drive user decisions in the direction that a business wants them to go.Human beings are social creatures. We live in communities, towns and cities. We raise families and have friends. It’s what defines us. It also makes us vulnerable to the influence of other people. Social influence, which is what we refer to when we talk about the impact of...

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Why Digital Transformation Feels So Difficult

Sep 18 14:42:50 by www.cmswire.com

Fundamentally transforming how you organize your team, develop your products and engage with your customers isn't going to be easy.

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5 ways Slack’s user onboarding strategy has evolved since 2014

Sep 24 15:08:10 by www.appcues.com

Slack has always boasted some of the best user onboarding around. But that hasn't stopped their product team from iterating on their UX over the years. We compared 3 versions of Slack's onboarding experience—from 2014, 2016, and 2019—to see how their strategy has evolved and improved over time.

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5 ways PMs can improve product adoption today

Oct 1 22:17:39 by www.appcues.com

Improving product adoption has an outsized impact on customer retention, user engagement, and revenue. It's one of the most important metrics SaaS growth, regardless of company size. Here are 5 proven strategies to move the needle throughout the user journey.

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