Gartner: Enterprise AI market to hit $1.2 trillion this year

Apr 26 2:34:23 by

Analyst firm Gartner Inc. is taking a bullish stance on artificial intelligence technologies, saying industry revenues will top $1.2 trillion by the end of this year, up 70 percent from the year before. The firm further projects in a report released today that AI-derived business value will reach $3.9 trillion by 2022. “AI promises to be […] The post Gartner: Enterprise AI market to hit $1.2 trillion this year appeared first on SiliconANGLE.

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The challenges of adopting the Industrial Internet of Things [Q&A]

May 4 9:51:13 by

A future enabled by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is not so far off, with the integration of IoT devices rising across industrial settings from oil and gas to building security. The potential to leverage big data and analytics to optimize operations and efficiencies is driving industrial companies to move to IIoT-enabled devices, but these companies are now faced with the challenge of modernizing their legacy production systems. It can be daunting to convert years or decades worth of data to a new infrastructure, which is why we asked Jason Andersen, VP of business line management for Stratus Technologies,… [Continue Reading]

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Minimum Viable User Onboarding

May 11 15:18:37 by

For a small startup with limited resources, optimizing your user onboarding experience can be a daunting task. Here's Minimum Viable User Onboarding.

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Introducing Alexa Blueprints: A Codeless Way To Build Alexa Skills

May 2 13:39:23 by

Alexa has launhced Alexa Blueprint, a no-code solution for Alexa Skills, designed to enable Alexa Skill development without developer help.

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University College London (UCL) severs ties with IOTA Foundation

Apr 28 13:57:24 by TheNextWeb

The Centre for Blockchain Technologies (CBT) at University College London (UCL) has announced that it is no longer associated with the IOTA Foundation. In a statement pinned on its website, CBT explained it has decided to cut ties with the cryptocurrency foundation in support of open security research and the ability of researchers to conduct their work unburdened by the possibility of legal threats. You can read the full statement as it appears on the CBT page below: UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies is no longer associated with the IOTA Foundation. In relation to recent news report, we reaffirm our… This story continues at The Next Web

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What the IoT Needs Is a Data Layer

May 7 9:01:01 by

When people talk about the IoT market, it is almost always in terms of the number of devices that are, or will be, connected to the internet. 20 Billion devices by 2020, of devices by 2025. That's a fun way to look at the growth of the IoT, and it is instructive in many ways. But unless you're a device manufacturer, or in some other way involved in the development or deployment of these devices, it's only a very small part of the story. So let's talk about the rest of the story for a minute. The Market: Devices vs. Data Yes, there will be billions and billions of devices connected to the internet over the next 5 - 15 years. They will be embedded in everything from kitchen toasters to automobiles to fenceposts. In truth, they already are embedded in many of these objects. But the point of each and every one of these devices is to generate data. Data that can be gathered, analyzed, and acted upon. (Remember my mantra: IoT data must be actionable!)

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4 Ways To Develop Leadership Skills In Your Everyday Life

Apr 6 10:00:02 by fastcompany

You don’t have to wait for formal training: You can sharpen your leadership skills throughout an average day. When you’re aspiring to a leadership role but perhaps not yet in one, developing the skills you need to be successful can seem like a Catch-22: How do you become a great leader when you haven’t yet had the opportunity to lead?Read Full Story

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Permissions on the Web Suck

May 18 12:02:10 by

I am a fan of progressive web apps and the powers that they bestow on web developers to build the next generation of applications. We can write web applications that work offline, download large files in the background, send push notifications, and much more. I was so excited about push notifications on the web that I wrote a whole talk about it in 2015 and was fortunate enough to give it in a bunch of places around the world. But perhaps I was a little too prescient with that talk title, "The web is getting pushy." Web applications themselves are getting pushy and now I see tweets like this:

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Progressive Progressive Web App, Part 2

May 9 5:02:43 by

Welcome back! If you missed Part 1, check it out here! Unified Logic Server and Service Worker Logic - Hoops and Hurdles It was certainly not easy to get to a shared code base between server and client, the Node + npm ecosystem and the web JS ecosystem are like genetically identical twins that have grown up with different families and when they finally meet there are many similarities and many differences that need to be overcome... It sounds like a great idea for a movie.

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Reduce Functional Defects by Implementing Few Best Practices

Apr 27 16:01:53 by

A lot of emphasis is given to the implementation of agile process and technical understanding for the success of a project. No one will argue that everyone has been benefited from agile methodologies, which really helped to reduce the waste in project execution and increase the probability of project success. In a similar manner, the importance of technology is also highlighted, right from the project inception, designing the architecture, choosing the framework, development of software, and the deployment of software. With all the improvement in processes and the importance given to technology, teams faces fewer technical and process challenges. Although a lot has been done to improve the functional understanding of the team, most of the defects raised during development cycle are due to an understanding gap in business logic. 

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