Become a Better Coder by Keeping a Programming Journal

Oct 21 15:00:00 by

The struggle in becoming a better programmer is real. I’ve been programming since I was 13, yet still find it both challenging and rewarding. There’s nothing quite like it. But it can be overwhelming at times, leading some people to give up and quit. To become a better coder, you have to be intentional — in how you read and write code, in how you study new concepts, and even in the way you take breaks and refresh your mind. Intention is key to progress. We’ve already shown you how meditation can make you a better coder. Now you can...Read the full article: Become a Better Coder by Keeping a Programming Journal

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Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 Service Pack 1 hits general availability

Oct 6 20:55:52 by

Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) 2016 Service Pack 1 is now generally available. MIM is a way for Microsoft customers to manage and synchronize their identities between directories, databases, and applications on-premises, in the cloud using Azure or a combination of both.

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Serverless Architectures: The Evolution of Cloud Computing

Sep 22 11:01:05 by

IntroductionSince the advent of the computer, building software has been a complicated process. Over the past decade, new infrastructure approaches (IaaS and PaaS), software architectures (SOA and Microservices), and methodologies (Agile, Continuous Delivery and DevOps) have emerged to mitigate the complexity of application development. While microservices have been the hot trend over the past couple of years, serverless architectures have been gaining momentum by providing a new way to build scalable and cost effective applications. Serverless computing frees developers from the traditional cost of building applications by automatically provisioning servers and storage, maintaining infrastructure, upgrading software, and only charging for consumed resources.This blog discusses what serverless computing is and key considerations when evaluating a database with your serverless environment.

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MVC Is Dead, What Comes Next?

Oct 16 6:31:00 by

React.js, Elm, Cycle.js, and other UI frameworks introduced a new way of building user interfaces. By applying principles from functional reactive programming to UI development, they even changed how we think about user interfaces. In no time, these approaches have simply smashed the seemingly inevitable dominance of MVC and its siblings (MVP, MVVM etc.). This article, which is the first in a series, will give a brief introduction into this new way of building UIs and list some of the advantages it has over traditional approaches. These factors are so strong, that in my opinion there is a good chance that we are right now witnessing the end of the MVC-era.Concept of functional reactive UI development

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How to Choose the Best Mobile Application Development Platform

Sep 27 9:01:01 by

When searching for a mobile application development platform it is important to keep several factors in mind, including whether you want a cloud or on-premises offering. Choosing the best mobile application development platform is no small task. The product must address an organization's needs and allow developers to build applications that satisfy their users.When selecting a mobile application development platform (MADP), developers should evaluate the type of applications they want to build, the mobile environments they plan to target and how much customization they need. Consider these six important factors when sorting through the available MADPs.

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NEST and UNNEST: Normalizing and Denormalizing JSON on the Fly

Oct 6 11:01:00 by

When modelling data in a JSON database like Couchbase, developers and architects have two options for representing hierarchical data. The first option is to embed the related objects in the parent object, like this:"1" : {"name":"doc 1","subdocs":[{"name":"doc 1.1"},{"name":"doc 1.2"},{"name":"doc 1.3"}]} "2" : {"name":"doc 2","subdocs":[{"name":"doc 2.1"},{"name":"doc 2.2"}]}

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Migrating a NorthWind Database to a NoSQL Database

Sep 30 11:01:04 by

It's now a fact that databases need to have the ability to scale-out to handle data that's produced and accessed at great velocity and in huge volumes. Traditional databases (RDBMS) were never meant to handle such high a flow of information. To keep up, you either incorporate a distributed cache like NCache to overcome the database bottlenecks, or replace the RDBMS with a NoSQL database. NosDB is one such NoSQL database and is made from the ground up in .NET. It easily handles peak loads, and scales out at runtime — and therefore increases throughput on an ‘as-needed’ basis.It's clear at this point that considering a NoSQL solution will free you of RDBMS bottlenecks. But what's less clear is how to properly migrate from a relational database to NoSQL. NoSQL is just so easy to use that developers often dive in head-on without properly understanding and constructing data models. With the infinite flexibility and features that a NoSQL database provides, it is very easy to mess up your data during migration, which causes a lot of problems later on.

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Project a 3D Hologram on Your Desktop Using Rainmeter

Oct 3 17:00:00 by

How does having a hologram on your desktop sound? Through the work of Rainmeter developer killall-q, you can easily place a holographic image of your choice on your desktop. The process is simple, straightforward, and can enliven any desktop. In this post, we take you through the process, every step of the way. How Hologram Works Hologram for Rainmeter renders 3D models — using the OBJ file type — as point clouds. Point clouds are transparent 3D objects created by placing points at distinct coordinates. The coordinates used are dictated by the face (underlying shape) vertices in a 3D object....Read the full article: Project a 3D Hologram on Your Desktop Using Rainmeter

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Behaviour-Driven Development Anti-Patterns

Sep 30 23:00:00 by

Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) can help in improving how business stakeholders and software developers communicate with each other, but there are some common anti-patterns when using Cucumber to run the automated tests, which Aslak Hellesøy, Matt Wynne and Steve Tooke described in a recent discussion. By Jan Stenberg

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Awesome Asciidoctor: Source Syntax Highlighting With Prism

Oct 6 7:31:00 by

Asciidoctor has built-in support for a couple of source syntax highlighting libraries like Coderay, Pygments, highlight.js and prettify. In this post we learn how to use the JavaScript library Prism to do the syntax highlighting for our source blocks. Because Prism is a JavaScript library we must remember this only works for the HTML backend of Asciidoctor.In the following markup we have two source code listings in Java and Groovy:

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