Top Most Common Deliverables that UX Designers Use

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A UX designer works in different environments — from agile environments and lean startups where teams contribute with little documentation to consulting engagements for third-parties, or large companies and government entities with strict documentation... The post Top Most Common Deliverables that UX Designers Use appeared first on WBD.

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How to guide employees through the digital transformation

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Enterprises are increasingly embracing new, fast, and frequently changing digital technology to solve business problems. But this digital transformation will only be effective if employees are engaged and prepared to deal with these changes. Guiding corporate employees through this journey is the mission of the performance support software platform Whatfix. Founded in 2013, the startup […] The post How to guide employees through the digital transformation appeared first on SiliconANGLE.

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The true value of cloud-based AI isn’t what you think

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Artificial intelligence is one of those concepts that was hot in the 80s, kind of went away, and now is red hot. Most point to AI’s new features and functions to explain its growing popularity, but it’s actually because public cloud computing has made it affordable. For a few hundred bucks a month you can have some pretty heavy-duty AI systems in place that would have cost millions 10 to 15 years ago.However, integrating AI with applications, such as banking, medical, manufacturing, and other systems, is actually not where we’re finding the value of cloud-based AI. It’s perhaps the most misunderstood aspect of the value of AI—now, as well as in the future.To read this article in full, please click here

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Digitalisierung: Mehrheit der deutschen Firmen hängt hinterher

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Die Mehrheit der Chefs deutscher Unternehmen sieht das eigene Unternehmen in Sachen Digitalisierung als Nachzügler. Jedes vierte Unternehmen verzichtet auf eine entsprechende Strategie. Große deutsche Konzerne wie Volkswagen (VW) oder die Deutsche Bahn sind in den vergangenen Monaten öffentlichkeitswirksam in die Offensive gegangen, was die Digitalisierung der eigenen Strukturen angeht. Die Digitalisierung ist aber offenbar noch längst nicht in allen deutschen Unternehmen angekommen, wie eine Umfrage des Branchenverbands Bitkom ergeben hat. Demnach gab eine deutliche Mehrheit ...weiterlesen auf

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Modern App Dev: An Enterprise Guide

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Developers don't sit behind glass walls anymore. And citizen developers are jumping into the low end of the app pool. Just what's going on in the insanely busy world of software application development?

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