Avoid big data disaster: The secret of turning data into useful information

Nov 5 11:30:04 by www.zdnet.com

Too many companies still collect data for the sake of it, but a focus on collaboration and analytics can turn your organisation’s information into a competitive edge.

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The True Value of Enterprise Collaboration Tools and Platforms

Oct 11 14:02:36 by www.cmswire.com

Recent data from Facebook indicates that businesses need to invest in enterprise tools and platforms to find true value.

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Data Management Is the Key to Success – or Failure – in Customer Journey Orchestration

Oct 18 12:31:41 by www.cmswire.com

While data is essential for marketing automation, personalization and customer journey orchestration, just having a lot of data isn’t enough.

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Lessons Learned from Innovating at Google: Frame the Problem, Use Data, and Define the MVP

Sep 19 10:12:00 by www.infoq.com

The truly great, innovative, useful ideas come mostly from two sources: your target users, and people working in the organization - not necessarily with a "product manager" hat. Experimentation can help us to materialize ideas into actual products and technology. Framing the problem, using data, and defining the MVP can help us to increase the chance of success in innovation. By Ben Linders

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5 Ways Digital Workplace Products Support the New Transformation Economy

Oct 1 12:38:40 by www.cmswire.com

Beyond improving workflows, digital workplace solutions could be a fundamental part of a new change towards supporting employee transformation and growth.

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UiPath announces new tools and acquisitions to automate more business processes

Oct 15 12:00:32 by siliconangle.com

Robotic processing automation firm UiPath Inc. announced a couple of key acquisitions at its Forward III conference in Las Vegas today alongside a swath of improvements to its RPA platform. Backed by a billion dollars in venture capital funding, UiPath is one of the darlings of the booming RPA market, an emerging subset of artificial […] The post UiPath announces new tools and acquisitions to automate more business processes appeared first on SiliconANGLE.

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How Google measures and improves UX with the HEART framework

Oct 15 20:18:16 by www.appcues.com

Google's HEART framework is a flexible method for measuring and optimizing UX, developed by Google in 2010. Find out why Google still uses this framework to create exceptional user experiences—and how your own product-led team can use the HEART approach to measure and improve key UX metrics.

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Why User Experience is Essential to Digital Marketing Success?

Oct 10 2:00:38 by www.growth-hackers.net

Running a robust online presence is a ‘hotly contested’ digital marketplace. In other words, it is a tricky affair. Today, each one of us is found […] The post Why User Experience is Essential to Digital Marketing Success? appeared first on Growth Hackers.

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These Startups Are Building Tools to Keep an Eye on AI

Oct 21 10:00:00 by www.wired.com

The software can help developers constrain their creations so they don't make bad decisions.

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Oracle updates SaaS tools with more AI, more industry-specific features

Sep 17 15:00:06 by www.zdnet.com

Oracle extends the capabilities and reach of its Digital Assistant across its cloud applications, while also adding features across its applications for specific verticals.

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