Article: Quantitative Analysis of Agile Methods Study (2017): Twelve Major Findings

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Donald Reifer is continuing his research into the use, misuse and application of agile methods in industry. The latest survey draws on data from 3,000 completed projects generated by 150 organizations located around the world. This article presents the results of that research. By Donald J. Reifer

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Construction company relies on virtualization to backup new data center

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Virtualization built on modern data backup solutions are enabling agility and flexibility in the IT environment. As assets and data need to be quickly moved based on business needs, a robust backup solution is key to enabling these transitions. “The construction industry is not known for over-investing in IT. If you look at Gartner’s reports, […] The post Construction company relies on virtualization to backup new data center appeared first on SiliconANGLE.

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The Chief Product Owner on Large Agile Projects

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A Note on the Term “Chief Product Owner” The labels “chief product owner” and “product line owner” are the ones I generally favor, but they are representative only; use others if you wish. In addition to these, I’ve seen both program owner, super product owner, area owner, and feature owner used successfully. For consistency with the bulk of existing Scrum literature, I prefer to use “product owner” for the individual who works directly with one or two teams, prioritizing their work and doing all of the other things associated with the product owner role. In these multilayer hierarchies, the product owner is often someone whose business card reads: “Business Analyst.”

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Filling an Untapped Void for Big Data Programmers With Julia

Aug 11 9:01:58 by

There are several popular programming languages for big data applications. Python and R are two of the most popular — but Julia is a programming language that doesn’t get as much attention. While Julia isn’t a household term among big data developers, it has a number of features that some other languages lack. What Do Python and R Lack? Python and R are the preferred languages of many big data programmers. However, they have several limitations that must be taken into consideration.

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Oh, boy. Just what we need. Another edition of Windows 10, WTFCUPFWP.

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Late yesterday afternoon, Microsoft announced a new (but widely anticipated) edition of Windows 10, and it's a mouthful.On the one hand, we have Microsoft telling us (or at least Terry Myerson telling Mary Jo Foley) that Windows 10 will be “One Windows” to rule them all — desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, nuclear launch codes.On the other hand, we now have Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise, Mobile, Mobile Enterprise, Education, Pro Education, IoT Core, the new Win10 S, and now Windows 10 Pro for Workstation PCs.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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How No-Code, Low-Code Tools Will Strengthen- and Disrupt- Enterprise App Development

Aug 14 9:01:57 by

No-code, low-code tools for helping people without a technical background write mobile apps are proliferating in enterprises, leading to the rise of so-called “citizen developers” – business analysts and domain experts who develop mobile apps without the help of IT. The tools have helped businesses roll out mobile apps quickly, cut costs, and ensure that the apps are useful to the greatest number of users. Gartner estimates that by 2018 more than half of all B2E mobile apps won’t be built by IT or by traditional developers – instead, they’ll be written by enterprise business analysts and citizen developers using the software, which is also referred to rapid mobile app development (RMAD) tools.

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Joe Belfiore, former head of Windows Phone development, upsets fans and users again

Jul 27 14:38:36 by

Once again former head of Windows Phone development Joe Belfiore has managed to stoke the flames burning the guts of angry and jilted fans and phone owners

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Xamarin's Effect on Software Development

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Demand for mobile devices and apps is at an all-time high, and it’s going to continue climbing. This holds true for the enterprise side of software as well. Business users expect their apps to run on the devices they use every day, which has significantly shifted toward mobile since the proliferation of smartphones and tablets. This has created a new burden on in-house developers: build apps that work across desktop and mobile platforms, port existing applications to mobile, and maintain it all under the ever-blooming complexity of modern software development. On top of this, developers are rarely afforded more time or larger budgets to make it all happen.

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Best Practices for Writing Cloud Code

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Many of our customers at ShepHertz have written custom cloud code and encountered performance issues once they hit the production. A particularly common problem was that their cloud code was throwing error code 1904 (Execution Time Threshold Exception). Any custom code must be executed within 10 seconds — otherwise, it will be killed and the client will receive the 1904 error code. But don't worry! Here are a few guidelines that will help you in optimizing your custom cloud code so that you can avoid these time-out exceptions. Avoid Too Many Server API Calls We have seen the instances where too many cloud API calls were made within a single flow of custom code. More API calls will result in more latency and will cascade to the Execution Time Threshold Exception. Ideally, there should no be more than 3-4 API calls per custom cloud code.

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Apple embraces a multi-cloud future, and that's exciting

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We can all see how Apple has just created a brilliant bridge to the future with ARKit in iOS 11, but many may have missed another WWDC 2017 announcement that seems to show how bang-on-trend the company has got when it comes to enterprise IT—this time its readiness to support the multi-cloud environments that will be part of the future business ecosystem.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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