13 Most Important SQL Commands Any Programmer Should Know

Jun 23 17:00:00 by www.makeuseof.com

Databases drive the modern web. Every big or dynamic website uses a database in some way, and when combined with Structured Query Language (SQL), the possibilities for manipulating data really are endless. If you already know SQL, make sure you checkout these programming skills all website developers should know. Today I’ll be showing you some of the core commands you need to know as a programmer. There are many names for data returned from a database table. Data is commonly referred to as Rows, Records, or Tuples. I’ll be using these terms interchangeably throughout this article. Preface All of the...Read the full article: 13 Most Important SQL Commands Any Programmer Should Know

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What Are You Defining as 'Done'?

Jun 24 5:01:07 by dzone.com

The actual agility an organization achieves is rooted in how sophisticatedly Scrum is being employed. Beyond the mere adoption of Scrum, enterprise agility is much accelerated if the organization re-emerges its structures around Scrum. With re-vers-ify I remind people that structures need to be re-imagined, rather than predicted or copied, often upon re-imagining Scrum. Through Scrum, teams and organizations create, deliver, maintain, and evolve great products and services. Through Scrum, teams and organizations create the opportunity of potentially releasing a version of product no later than by the end of each Sprint, where a Sprint takes no more than 4 weeks, and often less. This provides an organization with foundational agility and the potential to thrive in its market while creating a motivating working environment.

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Businesses will spend $128 billion on public cloud this year, says IDC

Jul 18 15:05:00 by www.zdnet.com

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) will dominate as the top cloud computing type, capturing two-thirds of all public cloud spending in 2017.

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When the Cloud Meets Big Data

Jul 5 19:05:00 by www.itbusinessedge.com

Do you host your Big Data environment in the cloud, or create a data lake on premises? Each approach has its pluses and minuses.

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How Edge Computing Might Benefit Enterprise IT

Jul 3 11:01:00 by dzone.com

“The edge will eat the cloud. And this is perhaps as important as the cloud computing trend ever was.” — Tom Bittman, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner Research If you’re one of the many IT pros still finding your footing with cloud computing, this statement from Tom Bittman might sting a little. It sounds like you might be spending time worrying about the cloud for nothing.

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HoloLens developer brings Super Mario Bros to New York’s Central Park

Jun 22 14:23:29 by www.onmsft.com

One 28-year-old developer has topped them all by bringing Super Mario Bros to New York's Central Park, and it's all powered by Microsoft's HoloLens.

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Automated Tools Ease Cloud Migration

Jun 26 13:00:00 by www.informationweek.com

With new tools appearing, automation and orchestration are having a major impact on easing the burden of moving to the cloud.

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Generate Your Next Xamarin.Forms Grid: It's as Easy as Drag and Drop

Jun 23 9:01:15 by dzone.com

If you’ve used other development platforms, you’re probably used to using a native toolbox that lets you drag and drop controls or whatever you need to your code. Now you’ve decided to use Xamarin.Forms… and there’s no toolbox. That’s where the Ultimate UI Controls for Xamarin comes in and gives you the Infragistics Toolbox: the world’s first NuGet powered toolbox for Xamarin.Forms. With this toolbox, you can drag and drop the component or control that you want to use, and the XAML code will be generated for you automatically.

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Nearly every company in survey says the cloud needs a ‘makeover’

Jun 28 12:00:48 by siliconangle.com

A large majority of enterprises said they’re not getting enough benefits from their move to the cloud, according to a new survey from cloud infrastructure management company Fugue Inc. The organizations pointed to a range of factors, including compliance and security concerns and unexpected downstream costs, adding up to their contention that the cloud is […] The post Nearly every company in survey says the cloud needs a ‘makeover’ appeared first on SiliconANGLE.

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The Most Effective Way to Write Effective SQL: Change Your Thinking Style

Jul 4 14:01:01 by dzone.com

Writing effective SQL queries is one of the biggest problems in the enterprise software world. The most fundamental problem faced by every company that develops projects on a database is that the performance achieved in development environments can not be achieved in live environments. Generally, the reason for these performance losses is that the volume of data in the live environment is much larger.

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