Mastering Data in the Age of Big Data and Cloud

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The concept of a data lake is becoming standard for many organizations as they try to create more value out of their data assets. Read More... The post Mastering Data in the Age of Big Data and Cloud appeared first on Data Informed.

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6 Ways Agile Testing Saves IT Enterprises From Testing Inefficiencies

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Gartner, in its report on 10 Things CIOs Need to Know About Agile Development, states that in the current digital transformation environment, CIOs are pressurized to support fast-evolving digital enterprises. However, they find traditional project and development methods to be ineffective. It has been observed that all old and new enterprises are being inclined towards Agile development methodologies to speed up projects and bring value. If executed effectively, agile methods can transform IT-business relationships with a major positive impact on IT value delivery. However, value can be delivered only when the CIOs and the overall IT management teams bring together a culture that supports the success of Agile.

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What Is Back-End Development?

Dec 13 6:01:24 by

Software applications are like icebergs. There is a portion of the application the user sees and then — in most cases — the largest part of the application remains unseen. This is the elusive and mystical “back-end.” In the chapter on web development, we mostly talked about web development as it relates to direct interaction with the end user – what we might call “front-end web development.”

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The Top Ten Mobile Application Development Frameworks [Infographic]

Dec 15 10:31:11 by

Do you want some of the best frameworks for your mobile app development project? There are lots of frameworks that can be used to develop a high-end mobile app. In this infographic, we have gathered the top frameworks that make mobile application development easy. In this list, we have emphasized the top frameworks that are rich in features, performance, and functionality!

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Clean Code JavaScript

Jan 11 14:01:01 by

Inspired by Robert C. Martin's book Clean Code, Ryan McDermott put together a repo with some software engineering best practices as they apply to JavaScript in particular. The repo has tons of great guidelines for beginning programmers, and good reminders for seasoned maintainers. I'm a particular fan of this style of teaching because it focuses on legibility as much as writing. This ensures that our codebases are friendly to the next developer who comes along, even if it's ourselves. Direct Link to Article — PermalinkClean Code JavaScript is a post from CSS-Tricks

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Google Introduces Cloud-based Encryption Key Management Service

Jan 16 13:00:00 by

Google has announced a new service for its Google Cloud Platform (GCP) that allows to create, use, rotate, and destroy symmetric encryption keys. Although the new Cloud Key Management Service (KMS) is integrated with Google's Cloud Identity Access Management and Cloud Audit Logging, keys managed using KMS can be also used independently. By Sergio De Simone

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Microsoft hasn’t given up on Windows phone, but it’s been a very bad year

Dec 28 15:23:44 by

Windows Phone market share fell of a cliff this year as Microsoft scaled back its mobile efforts, but can the company still count on enthusiasts to keep supporting the platform next year?

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There's No 'Thing' You Can Do to Be Agile

Dec 27 12:00:00 by

The Agile concept isn't just about IT and development, but about a mindset that has to extend throughout the business.

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How to handle the politics of cloud resistance

Dec 13 11:00:00 by

Why do cloud projects fail? Why does cloud technology not meet expectations? Why are security models are not transferable to the cloud? How did you end up with performance issues that can’t be fixed? The answer is usually this: resistance from your colleagues. The overwhelming issues that I run into when helping clients move to cloud computing are never the technology -- those issues are easily fixed. It’s the people issues. But don’t despair because there are some actions you can take.[ The cloud storage security gap — and how to close it. | The InfoWorld Deep Dive: How to make document sharing really work in Office 365. ] Most cloud computing projects threaten someone in the organization. No matter if they admit it or not, or if their lives will actually change or not, the core idea of public cloud computing is to remove some of the control that your colleagues may currently have. At the heart of cloud resistance is insecurity.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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Should the cloud close the front door to the database?

Jan 17 13:00:00 by

The recent MongoDB ransomware hack in the cloud that made headlines earlier this week raises questions as to whether cloud platform providers should take the initiative in babysitting their most negligent customers.

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