Five Skills Product Owner Should Have in a Mobile Development Team

Sep 25 17:17:57 by

Communication is key! To deal with all the uncertainty that comes with writing code, today’s software engineers have conglomerated into agile teams, where each member takes on a particular role that suits their skills. One of the most important roles is that of product owner, the liaison between the software engineers and the rest of the business.

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Microsoft Learn: Learn how and when you want

Sep 18 9:15:00 by

Learning new skills can be challenging. When you invest your time and energy into acquiring new skills, you want a plan that that enables you to choose the way you learn best and a method that fits your busy  life. Microsoft Learn can’t ta...(read more)

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5 Soft Skills Every Product Designer Should Master

Sep 25 12:53:59 by

I once asked a friend that works for a big name design company what he looks for in potential hires? He said that he hires people with great communication skills and who trust in... The post 5 Soft Skills Every Product Designer Should Master appeared first on WBD.

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