Making Use of the Crowd – Social Proof and the User Experience

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Social proof (sometimes referred to as informational social influence) is a psychological concept. It refers to the tendency of human beings to follow the actions of others when making decisions and placing weight on those actions to assume “the correct decision”. It’s a concept that can be used in product design for the Internet and mobile web to help drive user decisions in the direction that a business wants them to go.Human beings are social creatures. We live in communities, towns and cities. We raise families and have friends. It’s what defines us. It also makes us vulnerable to the influence of other people. Social influence, which is what we refer to when we talk about the impact of...

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5 Soft Skills Every Product Designer Should Master

Sep 25 12:53:59 by

I once asked a friend that works for a big name design company what he looks for in potential hires? He said that he hires people with great communication skills and who trust in... The post 5 Soft Skills Every Product Designer Should Master appeared first on WBD.

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