Avoid big data disaster: The secret of turning data into useful information

Nov 5 11:30:04 by www.zdnet.com

Too many companies still collect data for the sake of it, but a focus on collaboration and analytics can turn your organisation’s information into a competitive edge.

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How To Use Analytics to Plan Better Sales Forecasts

Oct 25 15:41:33 by www.cmswire.com

Data can help sales teams improve the accuracy of their sales forecasts, allowing them to better align resources in areas with the greatest impact.

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How advanced analytics is transforming marketing

Nov 18 20:16:48 by big-data-hub-blog

Segmentation, targeting, positioning – how does an organization optimize these strategic approaches in the context of retention? Which factors should the segmentation take into consideration? This is where good information management and analytics come into play. Explore IBM’s solutions today: Modernization of your information architecture and Advanced Analytics.

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Azure Synapse Analytics: Verkn√ľpfung von Data Warehouses und Big Data Analytics

Nov 6 10:53:19 by www.microsoft.com

Zur Ignite 2019 hat Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics angekündigt. Mit diesem Analysedienst können Unternehmen ihre Daten aus verschiedenen Datenquellen wesentlich schneller, sicherer und effektiver nutzen.

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The top SaaS companies for business

Oct 28 10:00:00 by www.infoworld.com

More companies are relying on software-as-a-service (SaaS) as a cloud-based option for delivering a variety of software applications to end users. Fortunately, they have a broad selection of SaaS applications from which to choose.Here are the major players offering core business applications via the SaaS model.[ Discover the best open source software for software development, cloud computing, data analytics, and machine learning: InfoWorld’s 2019 Bossie Award winners. ] Atlassian Atlassian is an enterprise software provider that creates products designed for users such as project managers, software developers, and content managers. It’s perhaps best known for Jira, its issue-tracking application, and Confluence, its team collaboration and wiki product.To read this article in full, please click here

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