These Startups Are Building Tools to Keep an Eye on AI

Oct 21 10:00:00 by

The software can help developers constrain their creations so they don't make bad decisions.

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Oracle updates SaaS tools with more AI, more industry-specific features

Sep 17 15:00:06 by

Oracle extends the capabilities and reach of its Digital Assistant across its cloud applications, while also adding features across its applications for specific verticals.

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Modzy is a marketplace for enterprise AI software and models

Nov 4 14:00:03 by

Booz Allen's Modzy platform is designed to create a centralized location for curated enterprise AI software and models where compliance is assured.Read More

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Waycare raises $7.25 million to improve city traffic using AI and big data

Oct 3 14:21:30 by

Waycare helps city planners make better-informed traffic-management decisions by tapping historical and real-time data inputs from myriad sources.Read More

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