Leadership in an Agile Environment

Oct 1 8:59:00 by www.infoq.com

We would like agile leaders to stop being in the fire fighting mode. They should be there to help and empower, instead of taking over, argued Leonoor Koomen at Experience Agile 2019. She suggested replacing traffic light reporting with Obeya and show leaders how they can focus on the deltas instead of covering and wanting to know everything. By Ben Linders

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Presentation: Growing an Agile Culture

Oct 12 15:34:00 by www.infoq.com

Belinda Waldock explores what modern agile culture looks and feels like, and the attitudes, values and beliefs needed to grow and sustain a culture of agility in teams and organizations. By Belinda Waldock

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Presentation: State of Agile Using Wardley Maps

Sep 30 2:32:00 by www.infoq.com

Philippe Guenet introduces Wardley Maps, explaining how to use mapping to build situational awareness in support of orientating Change, Product ownership, Agile adoption, and Digital Strategies. By Philippe Guenet

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